Monday, April 29, 2013

Great Teachers Lead to Greater Business Skills

Hello and Welcome to today's Post. It just happens to be a part of the MEME, Monday Mingle Business Edition hosted by the Party Plan Coach, Lynsey Jones. This post is part of a weekly Blog Hop where I get to tell you a little about our businesses as well as a little about ourselves.  We become one big happy community where the doors and windows to our inner selves and our respective businesses. You as the reader gain insight to how Home Based Business People Operate and Think. If you are new to this process and are not quite sure as to how all of this works and how it relates to business, you may want to check out Lynsey's video explaining it all  right here.

Today's Burning Question:

Who were some of your favorite teachers in high school and how did they impact your life and career?
My Answer:
In high school I had a boat load of great teachers, but if I had to pull out one, I would say it would have to be Mr. Robert H. Pearson. I had him for Concert Band and of course I was a member of the Freeport HS. Marching Red Devils. Wow... what can I say. This may be a strange choice but let me explain. No matter what piece of music we played, if it wasn't right, we would have to start from the begginning. When we were on the practice field, and if one person was not where he or she was supposed to be, we had to start from the beggining.  And we played some complicated music and we had complicated marching routines. No Fluff. What I gained from being a student musician under Mr. Pearson was the gift of never giving up, never getting upset if I had to start back at the beggining and perseverance. Of course I also inherited perfectionism but I am getting over that slowly but surely.

At my Alma Mater, Manhattan College, as a requirement, I had to take two religion courses. My favorite professor was Fr. Reynold Borzaga. The class was an intro class to religion but Father Borzaga  taught this class as an Existential Philosophy Class. His exact words were, "You'll learn religion in a church, I am going to teach you how to think". Whoa. Talk about a departure from the normal curriculm (or not). We started every class with the Hail Mary and then we would start a heated discussion, a debate if you will about what we read or some comment Fr. Borzaga would make. I learned to have a greater respect and tolerance for others and yes, I learned how to think like an existentialist.

I come from a long line of educators and I swore to GOD I never wanted to be a teacher, but the funny thing is that whenever I had a Math Problem, I would turn to my aunt, Dr. Owilender Grant, professor of mathematics at The College of Charleston. I learned to take my time, again, go back to the begginning and to persevere. And I also learned that figuring out derivatives, like most things in life, was not earth shattering or life threatening. All you had to do was follow each step until the end.

Perseverance, Respect, Tolerance, Never Giving Up, Going Back to the Beggining (like getting back to basics), Thinking Things Through and Following the Action Steps are all skills that I have learned and they have stood me in good stead in my Party Plan/Mary Kay Business. My business is "simple but it is not easy". It is rewarding because I choose to persevere in order to get the rewards. It works because I work it. As the adage says, "Plan your work. Work your Plan. Plan that your Plan may not Work. Work so your Plan will Work as Planned". This is Existentialism at it's best. Fr. Borzaga would be so proud that  I have learned and am applying what I have learned in his class.

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