Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Thinking Like A Retailer (Part 1)

Are You Thinking Like A Retailer?
One of the greatest concepts that Mary Kay had given to the sales force was the concept of Think Like a Retailer. At the time I was a newbie. I had just gotten my starter kit, I had gone to two unit meetings and had received some valuable (and much needed training) and I had been on the "Inventory Phone Call"  with such things to consider as a) What was my beginning or proposed customer base b) How much inventory would I need c) How much inventory could I reasonably afford d) financing options.  As it happened, a small inventory order was keyed in and released to Mary Kay Corp. in my name, paid with another's credit card and sent to my home address. That incident was not without its' problems but it got me to thinking about one of the major selling concepts of that season: Think Like a Retailer. So, I looked at one of my Favorites at the time, JC Penney. It Begged the Question, What did JC Penney have that my Mary Kay Business did not have or more to the point, What Were the Tools I Needed to be Just Like JC Penney. 

Tool 1 - Sales/Work Force

Well I guess you know that I had that covered. I was the sales force, the inventory clerk and the COO and CFO of my Mary Kay Business. I was also the scheduler, laundress, cook and everything else for my family, until I learned how to be my family's Chief Delegator. 

Tool 2 - Inventory

As it happened I did get inventory. After all as per one of Mary Kay's True-isms - "You Can't Sell From an Empty Wagon". I have also heard it said that JC Penney did not run to Sears (or Macy's) to buy dresses when a customer needed one so... in my mind having inventory was part of the process.

Tool 3 - Marketing
You Have the Right Tools!

Well, Mary Kay had that covered. The greatest marketing tool was the quarterly catalog. This was good for demonstrations as well as for mailers and out and about chatting (Mary Kay culture called this Warm Chatter. Party Plan Diva's calls this Gardening). Another important marketing tool was the consultant business card. This plus the catalog and you were legit. 

Tool 4 - The Website

Mary Kay provides (for consultants) a replicated website or what I called The Store Front. This was great because now I could take orders 24/7. Not only that but the company provided an option for customers to sign up for an email newsletter which went out twice a month. 

Tool 5 - Confidence and Enthusiasm

Well, that one was learned. I had confidence aplenty, but the truth is, when you start something new, you are intimidated a little (or a lot). So in Mary Kay fashion Fake it 'til You Make It, became my mantra. And that's what I did. My enthusiasm though was genuine, born from my confidence in the product. Another Mary Kay True-ism here was Enthusiasm is the greatest tool. "After all the last four letters are IASM (I Am Sold Myself)"

Thinking Like a Retailer, a concept learned at Mary Kay netted some valueable lessons along the way. 

1) A Smile - and a Kind word Invites people in, though they don't know it yet.
2) Delegate - all the jobs which do not bring you closer (in your business, though it can be and often is transferred to other spheres of life) to where you want to be.
3) Use -  and Embrace Whatever tools you have available to you.
4) Learn - As much as you can about the business you are in.

5) Technology - Don't get caught without it and don't be afraid to use it.

We must be ADULT about this business and treat our business like a business. And to quote a Mary Kay Expression,  We Must "Put on our Big Girl Panties" and Think Like A Retailer.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

50 Actions to Take to Build Your Business

Think Outside the Box to

Expand Your Business!

Which One Will You Do Today?
If you have your sights set on earning more and advancing to higher levels of leadership, or if you are just starting out and would like to build your business to leadership level, there is no faster path to cash (and fulfillment) than to fill your Date Book/Calendar with group presentations. Whether you call them parties, shows, classes, selling appointments or presentations… they all translate into sales, recruit leads and the perpetuation of your success. That’s why keeping your schedule full, needs to be a top priority for growing your business, growing your  income and expanding your sphere of influence as well as  your team in the coming months.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Creating An Office on the Go

Your Business Is Not Just 
At Your Desk or Computer!
So You are A Busy Consultant and You Can't stay home and be in your office. What do you do? You Create a On the Go Office. Keeping an On the Go Office in your car is a 100 % MUST DO! In this "office" you will keep everything you need to book selling appointments (also known as parties), warm chatter (make contacts), recruit and generally do business. You shouldn't over think this. You really want this to be simple, organized and most of all portable and reproducible. If you make it too complicated, you will never carry it or use it. Your On the Go Office can be carried in a portable file box or "milk carton"carrier on wheels, which can be purchased from Office Max or WalMart. Some of the portable file boxes even have places for pens and other useful accessories. That is convenient so you would never have to search for a pen. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

So...You Want to Stay at Home (Part 3)

So, You've Decided to take a Leap of Faith 

How Does Your Future Look?
And now it's time to build your wings on the way down.  There are some things you need to decide:

·  What things you like: This will determine what kind of company you choose and I really do hope you choose mine.

· How much money you wish to make: This will determine whether you stay on your job and work on your business as a hobby or part time OR if you can leave your job and work on your business full time.

· How many hours you wish to work: again your considerations are Hobby, Part Time or Full Time. And..Will the Benefits outweigh any perceived risk?

· Can I really do this, Do I have what it takes? Of course you can do this. Do you consider yourself friendly? Are you a good talker? Are you confident? If the answeres to any of these questions is yes... you can do this and do this well.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Recruit with this R. E. C. I. P. E.

In direct sales, recruiting is considered the life-blood of your business.  When you learn how to create
Recruiting is like putting together 
a puzzle; You just have to follow
the steps to success. 
duplication by adding new team members you will leverage your income with this R.E.C.I.P.E.


To get yourself in the right mindset for recruiting, understand all you’re really doing is realizing in your heart that you have something special to share with people and it comes wrapped up in a product or service and a business opportunity.  That business opportunity can be a gold mine if you share it often and don’t pre-judge. If he or she doesn’t want the opportunity at that moment, that’s ok. You shared it and you’ll never know, maybe at another time it will be something that they would be willing to hear more about.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Out of Fashion or Old Fashioned

The other day I went shopping with my sister Sharon. Not a remarkeble incident; just your everyday, two sisters hanging out type of thing. Anyway... We went into this clothing store, and  I noticed some sundresses hanging by a clothing round. One dress in particular caught my attention. I thought the print was very pretty. I thought the shape of the dress was nice. I thought the straps may have been a little flimsy. And then I decided to feel the material. I got the shock of my life. No exaggeration here! When did they decide to make sundresses out of night gown material? You know, the type of flimsy, nylon material used for "silk - like" panties and nightgowns. Oh my goodness. What have women been excepting as clothing? Is this world so obcessed with sex that it now expects and excepts women to walk around in nightgowns? Do women really want their clothing to say "jump me"?  Or... and here is the horrifying thing... Am I just Out of Fashion or just too old fashioned? And another thing... When has it become o.k. for people to parade around in their pajamas? I am talking about the fuzzy flannel pj's and the soft pima cotton pj's and of all things "baby doll's.  No joke... The other day, I saw a teeny bopper, a junior high school girl, going to school in what looked like baby doll pajamas! Two questions: Where was her mother and Did her mother buy the "outfit" for her daughter?