Monday, April 15, 2013

A Favorite Quote

Hello and Welcome to another edition of Monday Mingle Business Edition hosted by Lynsey Jones the Party Plan Coach. This is a MEME or Blog Hop where we talk about different aspects of our business. I do this MEME because I feel it is important for you to get to know me as a person and possible friend, before you get to know me as your personal Mary Kay Consultant.

Today’s Question is this:

Share with us your favorite quote and who wrote/said it.  Then tell us why it is significant to you.
My favorite quote is by Mary Kay Ash  ~ You Can Have It All!
When Mary Kay said this, she was talking to a packed hall at the Mary Kay Cosmetics Seminar.  She was telling women that they did not have to choose between putting meat on the table or taking their children to the orthodontist.  She was telling women that they could do the things that they wanted to do for their families and work without having to sacrifice their faith or their families.

Mary Kay Ash
The reason why that is significant to me is that it gives/gave me permission to want it all and the motivation for me to go after it with both hands outstretched.  I think that we all want motivation to do what is right and that  we all want recognition for doing what is right.  This quote does both for me. It motivates me to want to make follow up phone calls, and to extend my business card with a smile after I have gotten the third or fourth no.  And deep in my heart, the quote recognizes me as a striving business woman, who is able to move through any obstacle I face to get to the finish line.  And in retrospect, I think that that is what Mary Kay had in mind all along.  So yes ladies – You CAN  Have It All!

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