Friday, February 24, 2012

Is A Party Plan Business For Me?

Has someone ever asked you where did you get those shoes, what grocery store do you shop at, what kind of pots do you cook with, ever recommend a movie, or TV show? That’s Network Marketing at its best. The difference is that you’re not getting paid for all that FREE advertising you are doing. When was the last time CBS, JCPenney, Twitter or Facebook sent you a check?
Direct Selling, Party Plan, Network Marketing, MLM, Internet Marketing, Door-to-Door Salesman, The Tupperware Lady   -  whatever name you choose to give, is and always will be a viable business model. And, we are all in  the same business, SELLING We are commissioned based earners and represent the largest segment of Millionaires.  What do you think is happening when Beyonce goes on tour? Do you realize she is selling her cd’s?  Yet no one is calling her tour a scam or pyramid scheme. That’s called Marketing! You don't want to be a salesperson or  sell anything? Well, you do everyday when you tell your children that vegatables are good for them or when you call in and tell your boss you are so sick, you can't move out of bed.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Conternt To Come, But While You Wait...

Hi, my name is Carla Kennedy and I am a Party Plan Consultant. I created this blog to discuss different aspects of the Party Plan and Direct Sales Business. I am including this video for two reasons. 1) because my business is misunderstood and 2) because I would like to bring this misconception to light.

Of Course, this video brings forward the statement,  "This is a Pyramid Scheme", but let me start by saying, pyramid schemes are illegal. In a Party Plan or Direct Sales Business, a procuct or service is sold. The product is usually consumable, so, you will get re-orders for that pfoduct. You collect sales tax which in turn goes directly to your state and local governments. And you pay the IRS taxes on the money you make. You may not have a solid "brick and mortor" store, but you are still a business.  A business which can go everywhere that you go. 

There will always be some people who do not understand this business, but if you are willing to learn, you will find that this IS a viable way to earn an extra or primary income. This business can be as small as you want it or it can be as large as you are willing to work for it, with wonderful income potential and the financial freedom that comes with it. But like anything, it takes work.