Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Direct Sales: Fact or Fiction (Part 2)

Find Out What Gets
Asked Often!

To help give you insight, more questions are answered about the Direct Sales/Party Plan Industry.  These responses may help you share accurate information and help you deal with the many false impressions about the business.  Since negative statements are passed from one person to the next, it is time to address any misguided information.

Some frequently asked questions that are often posed are:

·        Are those in my warm market really my ideal prospects?
·        Should I approach any individual looking for extra income, with my business?
·        Are the products comparable to normal retail?

Fact or Fiction

Fiction: Your warm market is your best source of customer leads.

Fact: Your warm market may be your ideal prospects initially, but they’re also simply your starting point. Many people feel like “they don’t know enough people” to build a successful business.  But it’s a fact that each person knows at least 30 people. But really, you probably know many more than that.  You start off with the people you know and then you begin to ask for others that they know, while contimually meeting new people in places like your church, beauty salon, your local PTA,  and through community service, and your children’s activities.

You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket by placing all of your hopes in your warm market. Because the truth is, you can't make money off of your friends and family. They are not your path to wealth.  They are simply a way to get started and to help you build your confidence. Once you have connected with them, you build through their referrals and any new connections you have made. 

Who Do You Know?

Fiction: Direct Sales is ideal for any individual looking for an additional source of income.

Fact: Not all people can warm up to the idea of this business model. Many of them may not see the industry as an ideal source of profit. Some people have their minds made up against the business.  And still some are simply not part of the niche that the company caters to.

Fiction:  The quality of the products is inferior

Fact:  Dollar for dollar, the quality of the products manufactured by direct sales companies is equal to or far superior than what is offered in the “regular retail world”. For instance, PartyLite Candles hold their scents longer and Premeir Designs Jewelry is made out of quality materials so the jewelry stays beautiful long after it has gone out of style. The Mary Kay™ Miriacle Set® is stamped with the Good HouseKeeping Seal of Approval. Did you know that Mary Kay™ also offers a 100% money back guarantee? Now, why would such an offer be made if the company wasn’t sure that the end user would not  absolutely enjoy and love the products?

Still Not Sure?
Ask More Questions!
Before you start convincing yourself or others to join any Direct Sales or Party Plan company, make sure that you do your research, ask plenty of questions and observe others who have taken up the namtle of the Party Plan Consultant. This will  help give you  a fresh point of view of the industry. This will also help you determine if the company or companies you are looking into are an ideal fit for you and if you are an ideal fit for the business.  

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