Monday, April 8, 2013

Re-Boot: Monday Mingle Business Edition

I am re-introducing Party Plan Divas, Monday Mingle Business Edition. This is a MEME hosted by Lynsey Jones, The Party Plan Coach . What is a MEME? A MEME, as defined by me (so it is not necessarily a definitive definition) is a series of poss by unique individuals who congregate around a topic and write their truth about that particular topic. Once written, the posts are read by members of the group and others. So… Why Bother? Because this MEME will enable me to share my business,  My Products and give you a glimpse into the way I think on many topics. Because I am backtracking to catch up, the conversations will be business related.
The first post was to introduce myself and my business. My name is Carla Kennedy and I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I joined my business because I wanted to show my son that people with disabilities can be successful. If you are wondering, I am visually impaired. I have been a Mary Kay Independent Beauty
Consultant since November 2004. I have seen the business as a Sometime Consultant, a Part Time Consultant and An Under-Cover Consultant.  Now, I am gearing up to be a Full Time Cosultant with a lucretive income. This business is simple. Everyone can do it, but not everyone will. The skills were learned in grade school; you met new people, you became friends and you showed your special items in the front of the classroom in presentation fashion. Can you say Show and Tell?  Well,  we do the same thing. We meet new people, we become friends and we show our products in a presentation at home parties. It’s that simple.

When asked:
“What Do You Do?”
I answer:
“I help women prepare for their retirement
by providing them an alternative to Social Security“.
 But I do more than that. I offer you the best in Anti-Aging Skin Care with specialized products for your skin type; whether you have oily or dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles or skin discoloration.  If you  are in need of a last minute gift idea,  I can offer you many gift giving options to meet any budget.  You can ask me about my Exclusive Bridal Shower Make-up Tower. I can offer you fragrances and products for men too. My blog is the cornerstone of my on-line information network. There, you will also find my Monthly Hostess and Party Specials and Information about my Business Opportunity.    So…. Feel Good, Feel taken care of and Enjoy the services of an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. – So, there you have it. Beauty Advice, Skin Care and MakeUp Tips, Hostess and Party Specials, and Personalized Gift Giving Ideas for any budget. And don’t forget to ask me about Starting a Business.
So… To Wrap it Up with a Neat Bow… I will be posting On Mondays in the Monday Mingle – Business Edition to topics picked by the Party Plan Coach. These posts will be Positive, Informative and I hope will guide you to make decisions about Me, My Products and My Business. Enjoy and as always, Thank You for Reading.

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  1. I love this blog!! It's important for people to know the truth you are stating here! I love your response you say when others ask you what you do. I love that!! I admire you and have much respect for you! You are very talented and very smart! Keep up the awesome work!!