Friday, May 3, 2013

Finding the Correct Direct Sales Company: A Six Point Checklist (Pt 1)

With literally thousands of Direct Sales and Party Plan companies to choose from, it is particularly important to that you align yourself with one that will be beneficial for you once you partner with it.

After careful observation and research  of companies that have a strong and solid reputation with a long term vision for growth and success for their Independent contractors, versus the fly by night companies, I have assembled a list of 5 areas that you should consider to help you find the company that is right for you, BEFORE signing with any company.

1. It Starts with You!   

What do you mean it starts with Me? Well first, look at the things you purchase on a regular basis. Do you purchase home goods? Skin Care and Make--Up? Children's Toys and Books? These are the things you may consider yourself to be knowledgeable about so you may feel fairly comfortable talking about them and maybe selling them.

Now consider your hobbies and passions. What do you really like to do? Do you love to cook?  Are you interested in your health and wellness and do you share that passion with others? Or do you consider yourself a fashion superstar and you share the news of the latest styles and trends with your friends and family.  Your passions can translate into a lucretive business for you; all you need do is harness your energy in a company that matches your passions.

One of the last things you must think aobut is how you interact with people. Do you like to interact and present in fromt of a large group of people? Or perhaps a more intimate group of people in a fun, party atmosphere? Or is talking with one or two people more to your liking?

All of the questions here will help you determine what type(s) of products you may be comfortable in selling and whether a Network Marketing, Direct Sales or Party Plan Company is right for you. Once you have narrowed this down, the search for the company becomes more manageable.

2. Company / Vision

Knowing the vision and integrity of the company in question is crucial to your decision making process, and it should not be ignored.  Frequently, people have aligned themselves with companies where the owner(s) simply wanted to make some quick cash, and had no personal interest in the long term success of or for their sales force.

Your Future is Important
Partnering with a company whose vision is both long term and fully committed to the success of the independent sales force and to the growth of the company will provide more confidence in your future and growth and stability within the organization.

Be sure to ask plent of questions about company ownership, company performance and future goals.  Listen in on their calls and attend some meetings, so when they speak, you can judge the sincerety of the leaders and their motives and intentions.  If you do this in the beggining, you will prevent some heartache and disappointment for yourself later.

3.      Leadership / Upline

Joining a company to do your cousin, sister or friend a favor isn’t going to work if you’re serious about building a business. I probably stepped on a few toes, but it needed to be said. You need to make sure that your potential up-line and team has systems in place that will provide education and support when needed. Being associated with the right team and up-line leadership can make or break your business.

If you join any random team without making sure that you are under strong leadership, it won’t take long before you lose your enthusiasm and eventually become disconnected from what’s happening within the company. 

One of the benefits of being involved with any direct sales company is the ability to be among an exciting group of people that will motivate and challenge you to grow.  If you aren’t plugged into that group, the chances of you surviving alone will be slim to none.

Be sure to get to know your potential upline, visit their meetings and join in on their calls to see what kind of support system you will be connected to.

Now that you have the first 3 points of the 6 Point checklist to help you select the right Direct Sales Company, you should be well on your way to partnering with an amazing company and accomplishing great success for you and your family.

Tell us what you think. What other things do you think you should consider before selecting and signing up with a company?  Leave a Comment Below or Leave a Comment on OUr Facebook Page, Google Plus Page or Give us a Quick Tweet. And stay tuned for the second part of this article.

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