Saturday, May 11, 2013

Direct Sales: The Great Equalizer

I recently read an article entitled Coping with Being Disabled, Disadvantaged and Discouraged in The Braille Forum a monthly magazine from The American Council of the Blind. The article starts out with the premise that people who are well-educated, financially fit, physically attractive and upbeat have better coping skills when it comes to lifes little problems. Conversely, those of us who are struggling with a disablility have a tendency to be more discouraged because of certain disadvantages. True the world is a “sighted”, “hearing” and “physically ambulatory” world, but I say that those of us who do have disablilities, learn coping skills because it is an imperative to do so to get along in a world that is “hostile” and far less tolerant than it should be.
It has been my experience that encouragement comes from within as well as “with-out”. We make ourselves happy or sad, contented or discontented, encouraged or discouraged. What we do have to do is reach out for support and demand our “just due” as valuable individuals. Life isn’t fair. Some of us woke up one day and couldn’t see. Some of us were born without sight or hearing. Or our senses were taken through illness or accident. Life is not fair. But as the article stated “the way out is through education and networking”. The article went on to say that “There may not be a well-paying full-time job…but part-time work comes in many forms”.
Enter the world of Direct Sales, Party Plan and Network Marketing. This business is available for a relatively low start up cost, business materials are provided in the form of a “starter kit”, education and training is provided through meetings, special events and written material, friendships can be had and who said making money has to be done the “traditional way”.
To make this more personal, I am disabled. In fact, I am visually impaired and I am currently a part of the Mary Kay Sales Force. I have learned to turn the disadvantages into learning experiences. One thing I know for sure, people want to help and they are excepting once they know what is going on.  I may not be able to drive, but I spend quality time in the car with my husband on the way to and from appointments. Once I am there, I run my business like any other consultant but I make a few adjustments. This business works if you work it, even if you have a disabliity.
This business is Accessible
to and for everyone!

LIke anything, there is a learning curve. You have to familiarize yourself with the product. You have to make the presentation procedure, your own but you don't have to "re-invent the wheel" to do it. And of course you do have to learn how to be comfortable talking in fromt of people. But here is the thing - you are constantly encouraged forward. You don't fail unless you quit. And for myself, I am not a quitter. What about you? There are many companies out there. Direct Sales/Party Plan is as diverse as the world is. You just have to take your lime finding the business that is right for you. It's out there. And the entry is accessible!

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