Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finding the Correct Direct Sales Company: A Six Point Checklist (Pt 2)

Finding the Right Company Becomes
Simple Onec You Do Your Research.
After cautiously scrutinizing and pain staking examination of many companies that had a  solid reputation for long term vision for growth and success goals  for their Independent sales force members, and some “fly by night” companies, I have assembled a list of 6 areas that would  help you find the company that could be right for you. With literally thousands of Network Marketing, Direct Sales and Party Plan companies to choose from, it is really important that you ally yourself with one that will be advantageous for you once you sign on. We learned that the first step begins with you. You have to evaluate your purchasing, passions and presentation style. This takes you from “thousands” to Hundreds. From there, it’s all about the “possible” company vision and the leadership within.  This will narrow the field from “hundreds” to a “fewdozen and it also makes the search easier. Now we look at the last 3 criteria which will take the field of a few dozen down to about a handful and will make your ultimate decision simple. As Jerry McGuire said, it is now time to “show me the money”.

3.      Product
 There iss a common myth that the product to be sold doesn’t matter, but that’s not true.  In order to generate an income in your business, you have to sell something. It is best that you ensure that you will be selling something that you like and that people are willing to buy.  
I have seen far too many times, people trying to convince someone that they “need” their product or begging for a sale,.  The best way to master the art of sales is to be sure that you are selling umbrellas when it’s raining and snow boots when it snows.
If your company is trying to create a “new” market for your product rather than selling products that are well known and already in demand, it will be more difficult to convert sales.  The reason why most people despise the word “sales” is because of the idea of “convincing people” to buy, rather than having people chase them to  purchase.
When you are selling the right product, you will have a stronger commitment to your business and you will find the inspiration and motivation to build your business. You will also have a greater potential to keep your team motivated and inspired to continue making sales and growing their respective businesses as well. As the saying goes, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang”.
Be honest with yourself when assessing the potential company’s product, and if you know for a certainty that you wouldn’t buy them on a whim or a dare, then don’t fool yourself into believing others will either.  In that case, the company isn’t for you.

4.      Systems for Team Building

Your Busines Growth = Product
Sales + Team Building +
The Compensation Plan
To succeed in any business you have got to have systems in place to support you and the growth of your business.  In addition to selling a product, Direct Sales is about building a team of people who will duplicate you and your efforts. This is how you begin to develop a residual income. 
The most frustrating scenario is one where there is no structure or system in place which will support the growth of a growing team.   It’s as frustrating as sitting in traffic because that’s exactly how you will feel when your team is growing but the duplication isn’t happening due to a lack of systems.
Every leader should be preaching the same message and teaching the same skills.  This is not the place where you want to reinvent the wheel or promote superstardom.  The more duplicable your systems are, the quicker you will grow and the more success you and your team will experience. Again, “The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang”.

5.      Compensation Plan
Let’s face it, we join a company to make money, so, money does matter and the compensation plan has to make sense.  Compensation plans can often be more complex than necessary, so before partnering with a potential company that you’re interested in, ask the following questions to make sure that your time invested in building a business and a thriving organization is worth it.
A.      What percentage of earnings do I make for each sale?
B.      How much do I earn for each new team member that I sign up?
C.      What is the percentage of overrides that I will earn from my organization, and what do I need to do to qualify?
D.     What types of bonuses are being offered and what do I need to do to earn them?
This is not to say that you can get paid to do nothing, as work is definitely required in order for you to generate a generous income.  However, the compensation plan must make sense and you do need to understand the numbers and the work involved to earn a decent income.
Now that the last 3 points of the 6 Point checklist have been revealed, you should be well on your way to partnering with an amazing company and accomplishing great success for you and your family. Finding an appropriate Direct Sales Comapany may be challenging, but with a checklist like this one to help you select the right one, you will be happier and more comfortable with your decision.

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