Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do You Have What It Takes?

Build Your Business on These 7 Keys to Success

Are you considering a home based business in the party Plan industry? Here are The  7 Kesys to having a successful and Lucrative Business:
1. Be Trustworthy. Trust is important. You should  want to know the members of your organization and I want them to know and trust  you. You should especially want your clients and potential cliens to trust you. Which leads me to #2.
2. Be Sure.  Don’t chase multiple deals. You see them all the time, one week a guru is tossing you the “minutes old” deal and the next its something else. How on earth can anyone trust someone like that? He isn’t a leader, he is a numbers chaser.  You are not and never will be a number chaser.
3. Be approachable.  Make yourself available to your clients and team members and their team as well.  You don’t get to any level in any business without those below, beside or above you. Make time for those that are hungry for the success as you are because in turn you will get to the top and bring them with you.
4. Be  coachable.  You have to be willing to explore other options. Other means to an end.  You can’t have an “I know everything mindset
5. Be  100% dedicated, loyal and plugged in to the system that is provided with your business.
6. Be consistent and persistent with your promotions. A steady flow of new customers and new reps is the result of constant reminders. It is a fact that most need to hear something 7 times before they remember it and take action. It takes 21 days to develop a habit so the more you do something the easier it becomes.
7.  Believe in the product and  believe in the company. Belief is a huge factor. One must believe in what they are promoting or eventually it will show and they will lose credibility if they themselves don’t lose interest first.
Your Earnings Will Match Your Committment to Your Business
I realize more key factors could be added however, I wanted to share the basics as this will be the foundation to build upon. Once you get these key elements the rest will come and you can expound upon what I have mentioned.

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