Friday, February 24, 2012

Is A Party Plan Business For Me?

Has someone ever asked you where did you get those shoes, what grocery store do you shop at, what kind of pots do you cook with, ever recommend a movie, or TV show? That’s Network Marketing at its best. The difference is that you’re not getting paid for all that FREE advertising you are doing. When was the last time CBS, JCPenney, Twitter or Facebook sent you a check?
Direct Selling, Party Plan, Network Marketing, MLM, Internet Marketing, Door-to-Door Salesman, The Tupperware Lady   -  whatever name you choose to give, is and always will be a viable business model. And, we are all in  the same business, SELLING We are commissioned based earners and represent the largest segment of Millionaires.  What do you think is happening when Beyonce goes on tour? Do you realize she is selling her cd’s?  Yet no one is calling her tour a scam or pyramid scheme. That’s called Marketing! You don't want to be a salesperson or  sell anything? Well, you do everyday when you tell your children that vegatables are good for them or when you call in and tell your boss you are so sick, you can't move out of bed.
Look at it this way.  When you get dressed in the morning, unless your clothes have your name and logo branded on them, you are selling someone else’s brand and  you are Network Marketing and not getting paid. So… Let’s put this in perspective. If you carry an expensive purse, wear the hottest desiner shoes, with your  bills overdue and your bank account overdrawn, how is this helping you? For some, making a small investment  to start, run, & maintain a business is too much. Who’s fooling who?  You just increased ssomeone else's bottom line and yet you are one paycheck from being homeless or hungry, and you still refuse to build a business and market YOUR OWN PRODUCT.
My point  is, that we as women (and men),  are already marketing a business (not our own) to everyone in our network, be it family, friends, coworker’s, or the people next door who your don’t know well, but speak to out of politeness. So,  marketing can be a viabel part of your own business. When you look at it this way, why not sell a product you believe in and have your own home based  business as well?
What are you doing for your future?
Do you want to make a change for your future and the future of your children and grand-children? Changing your mindset about direct sales should start NOW with YOU!!  How bad do you want to make a change? You could simply start small by supporting your neighborhood Avon or Mary Kay Lady and build from there.  Once you realize the power of the consumer (that’s YOU) you will be much wiser the next time you pull out your bankcard or tap your cell phone when buying that expensive cup of coffee.  Invest in yourself, Invest in Your future and learn the importance of Residual Income.  With that Knowledge all roads lead to the Party Plan Business!
When you look at a Party Plan business like Mary Kay or Partylite, ask yourself this: Is the timing right?  Is the product or service marketable and in need right now?  Is the price point affordable to the masses?  Are the products or services attainable outside of your community? Can you be  willing to share with others what you are doing?  Will you be willing to step out of your comfort zone?  Do you think you can find time to fit this into your schedule?   Can you become  excited enough about what you are doing that others will ask you about it?  Will you be  willing to stick with it until you arrive financially?  If at least 4 of your answers are YES,  Then The Party Plan Business is for You.

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